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These 2 flags together = Joint history= Real history

As I drive around the Blue Mountains and parts of NSW I see these 2 flags flying together. Then I read the feedback on those who are"unable" to fly both flags together. Yes there is a protocol under the same Government who claim they want reconciliation. These types of sites in Springwood, Wentworth Falls, Penrith and Katoomba are really encouraging. It comes back to choice and respect. Then there are those who wonder why there is no respect.

Thank you Bradley Spillane for what you have been trying to do. Like you said they place their flagpoles on Aboriginal Land but they cannot fly a flag. A huge thank you to those who do fly the flag. It helps people like me to connect and restore lives. For all my racist friends, and I realise now how many I do have, this land was occupied before the English arrived. So these flags recognise the fact there is a longer history.

We have been told that Government agencies only legally have to fly the Aboriginal flag on flagpole 2 twice a year. The Government protocol is to fly the Aboriginal flag on the 4th and 5th flag pole - it is rare to have these many poles. So it goes Country, State, Agency and then ATSI. That is the policy. Thankfully a lot of agencies, facilities and towns choose equality and real history. So they fly both flags.

David King

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