Trigger warning: Whilst the Men's Mental Health Show is as much about mental health as it is about mental illness, the content may be too confronting for some people.  Please stop the podcast if you need to and seek help from your doctor or other support services.  A complete guide of where to find help is located in the forum area.


Ep 1: Suicide - starting the conversation

Wes Bending, Andrew Wilson, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 23/7/19 -  Here is the first episode of the Men's Mental Health show.  So grateful to my guests Wes and Andrew.  It's a pretty nervous start but onwards and upwards from here. Very proud to have had my brother Dan do the theme song too.  We talk about lifeline's accidental counselling course, and the most powerful message Wes learnt from the presenter of that course Liz White is it doesn't matter what you say but that you are listening and coming from a place of love.



Ep 2: Living with autism

Benji Young, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 30/7/19 - Another amazing show today.  A huge thanks to this guy Benji Young who's a single father of two boys with autism and himself has Aspergers, ADHD and PTSD.  This episode provides an insight into autism and the stigma that surrounds it.  Benji is nothing short of inspirational; his courage, determination and just general way of getting about life gives us all strength and hope.



Ep 3: Living with bipolar

Bradley Spillane

MMHS 13/8/19 - In this episode I'm way out of my comfort zone, on air by myself, talking about myself and being very raw.  I share my life story including denial of my diagnosis and self medication, through various clinic admissions and a suicide attempt to eventual arrival at a place of acceptance and how the right medication has changed my life.  I'm living proof that people can change, that if you seek and accept help things can get better, that there is hope.


Ep 4: Cuzza Canes and Tonks

Cuzza Canes, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 20/8/19 - Having formed an entire winter cricket club after the loss of Andre Curry, the Cuzza Canes show us all how to create camaraderie and positivity out of something so devastating. This episode isn’t one to miss.  Live music by Matt Tonks too. 



Ep 5: Living with treatment resistant depression

Creese Syred, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MHS 27/8/19- Meet Creese Syred, The Tattooed Tradesman.  Creese came from an abusive and violent upbringing and moved several times as a child starting from England to Australia, then from Bondi to life in the hardened western suburbs of Sydney.  Creese shares his story on what it’s been like living with depression, including a suicide attempt in 2004, and how medication and a sustainable healthy relationship with his love Jane has made his love of living.  He’s a real character to say the least folks.


Ep 6: Psychotherapy perspective

Boudi Maassen, Robin Woodsford, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 3/9/19- Psychotherapists Boudi Maassen and Robin Woodsford share their perspective of men's mental health, with live music by Matt Tonks.  These two Kiwi lads have worked in the industry for a very long time and have great insight.  Matt asks "do men not have the language to talk about their inner world or are they too scared to be vulnerable enough to use language to talk about their inner world?"  



Ep 7: Walk n talk for life

Shannon Nevin, Garry Sims, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 22/9/19 - This is a special edition of the Men's Mental Health Show following the inaugural Blackheath Walk N Talk for Life. It gave me great pleasure to have Shannon Nevin on the show along with Garry Sims who also does tremendous work with R U OK?. Both these men are living proof that by putting words into action we can save lives through combining physical health with mental health. Live music by Matt Tonks as well.


Ep 8: Psychotherapist vs patient

Boudi Maassen, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 24/9/19 - Psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and I demonstrate how psychotherapy works with the aim of helping men understand that therapy is not too uncomfortable or frustrating once you’ve developed some rapport, and to hopefully encourage more men to seek help. Matt as always blends his soul soothing tunes in the breaks, as well as providing, like Boudi, his invaluable input and questions such as that about the difference between psychology and psychotherapy.


Ep 9: Adversity and resilience

Pete Palmer, Nic Danta, Garry Sims, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 10/11/19- We talk about adversity and mentoring with Pete Palmer, coach of the under 20s North Sydney Bears, Garry Sims, RUOK ambassador, and Nic Danta, principal of the Penrith Valley Learning Centre and this week's singer/songwriter. In response to Nic's song about his friend who took her life, Garry makes the point that everyone's life is valuable. RIP Louisa.



Ep 10: Picking yourself up

Jamie Gray, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 15/10/19 - Today's guest is Jamie Gray who shares his own battles with depression and all things musical with Matt Tonks.  I’ve known Jamie since my school years and he is now a professional photographer and the Content Editor at the Mayne Media Group.  The passing of one of his best friends to depression 3 yrs ago along with his own personal challenges has added to his personal growth and development. Jamie is about to undertake several key projects which are aimed at redefining how Mainstream media embraces mental health.


Ep 11: Father and son

Sax Nevin, Shannon Nevin, Boudi Maassen, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 22/10/19 - Today I am joined by a phenomenal teenager Sax Nevin along with his father Shannon Nevin and psychotherapist Boudi Maassen. Live music and commentary by Matt Tonks once again.



Ep 12: Paying it forward

Penny Holbrook, Felicity Tonks, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 31/10/19 - Today I am joined by wellness advocate Penny Holbrook who talks about her lived experience of depression as well as musicians Matt Tonks and the delightful Felicity Tonks. Penny talks about her troubled upbringing, and her experience of going to a clinic at 41 years of age to learn skills to manage her bipolar and learn to love herself. Felicity celebrates good men and credits men for coming on the show to have real conversations.


Ep 13: Post traumatic stress disorder

Matt Ransom, Garry Sims, Matt Tonks, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 26/11/19 - Our guest this week is Matt Ranson, ex police officer and current disability service taxi driver, a remarkable man who found freedom from his post traumatic stress disorder through helping others.  We are also joined by Garry Simms, Chief Inspector and mental health advocate, as well as Matt Tonks who performs live music.


Ep 36: Embracing change

Boudi Maassen, Garry Sims, Nic Danta, Bradley Spillane

22/09/20 - Together with psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and Chief Inspector Garry Sims we talk about how people deal with change, whether it be to find a voice after a period of being mute, choosing not to follow a family pattern of suicide, reconnecting with family we've been estranged from, or adjusting to rules we never would have imagined pre-pandemic.


Ep 15: Helping someone who is struggling

Boudi Maassen, Garry Sims, Nic Danta, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 4/2/20 - Today, psychotherapist Boudi Maassen, Chief Inspector Garry Sims, local muso and school principal Nic Danta and myself as host discuss how to help someone who is struggling, which is the essence of the RUOK movement of which Garry is an ambassador.


Ep 16: Inspiration and determination

Kathryn Gene, Garry Sims, Nic Danta, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 11/2/20 - Introducing the remarkable and wonderful Kathryn Gene, a qualified naturopath, hypnotherapist and mother of five. As a young mother Kathryn was diagnosed with agoraphobia but instead of letting her anxiety and panic attacks get a hold of her life, Kathryn began a journey of introspection to conquer her demons. We are joined by regular guests RU-OK? ambassador Garry Sims and local muso Nic Danta.



Ep 17: All of life's lessons

Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Nic Danta, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 18/2/20 - Today our guest is Blue Phillips, an ex-serviceman who spent more than fifty years in the army. He shares his life's lessons with us along with insights from local psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and local muso and school principal Nic Danta.


Ep 18: Domestic Violence

Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Nic Danta, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 10/3/20 - This week psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and veteran of 50 years military service Blue Phillips talk with me about domestic violence and men's relationships with women, along with music from local muso Nic Danta.



Ep 19: Fathering

Boudi Maassen, Nic Danta, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 17/3/20- I speak with psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and local muso Nic Danta about fathering starting with the birth of our children and looking at the various stages of growing up. We also reflect on our own upbringing and relationship with our fathers throughout life, as well as the power of awe.


Ep 20: Distant father and son relationships

Jeremy Spillane, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 14/5/20- distant father and son relationships - Today my son Jeremy joins me for a chat with local psychotherapist Bouddi Maassen. We talk about how fathering works in broken families and from a distance.



Ep 21: Anzac Special

Blue Phillips, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 28/4/20 - On this Anzac special of the MMHS, I'm joined by local war veteran Blue Phillips who gave over 50 years of service to his country. We talk about military history, these crazy times and how we are coping with the challenges in our lives. Blue recites an emotional poem too.


Ep 22: Life past covid19

Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 5/5/20- Recognising that what's going on in the world impacts on our mental health, local psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and former General Blue Phillips talk with me about how Covid19 is changing us, as well as how we need to take ownership of our own growth, be a role model to our children and reach out to others.


Ep 23: Regulating emotions

Shannon Decker, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 15/5/20 - Today I am joined by local psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and his patient of fourteen years Shannon Decker who talks about what he has learned through psychotherapy. We also talk about resistance to getting help and the benefits of things like group work, such as those offered through Relationships Australia, and just listening. Shannon also talks about how he has come to love and channel his manic energy, whilst Boudi talks about embracing our neurodiversity.


Ep 24: Coping with PTSD

Marty, Matt Ransom, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 19/5/20 - Today I speak with Matt Ransom and Marty, two retired policemen who talk about their journey with PTSD (post traumatic stress disorder). From the incidents that haunt them to the moment they realise they have a problem, the treatments that have helped and the 'secondary PTSD' their families have suffered, their stories teach us so much about where we have come from and what we still need to do to deal with this unfortunate aspect of working on the frontline.


Ep 25: Connection

Garry Sims, Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 26/6/20- Today my amazing team are altogether for the first time: Boudi Maassen (Psychotherapist), Garry Sims (Chief Inspector, RUOK? ambassador) and Blue Phillips (Army veteran) and we discuss connection in this day and age. Music from Abigail Washburn's CD 'City of Refuge'.


Ep 26: Managing pain

Kathryn Gene, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 2/6/20 - Today's guests Boudi Maassen (psychotherapist) and Kathryn Gene (hypnotherapist, herbalist and naturopath) discuss self care strategies for managing pain, both physical and mental, after a challenging week for myself. Topics include: starting therapy, diet, growing wellness, deciding what to focus on, pleasure of companionship, acts of kindness and distraction. Boudi also shares a moving poem he wrote following on from a show we did with my son about a month ago.



Ep 27: Zoe's story

Zoe Taylor, Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 9/6/20 - Along with psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and former General in the military Blue Philips, this week's special guest is young Zoe Taylor. Zoe courageously shares her story with mental health issues and what has helped her. A moving poem by Bradley too.



Ep 28: Anxiety about uncertainty

Matt Tonks, Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 16/6/20 - We are blessed to have singer/songwriter/music teacher Matt Tonks provide live music for us once again, and together with Boudi Maassen (psychotherapist) we discuss how to deal with crisis and preventing a spike in suicide from financial stress and the challenges of our time. Along with medication for depression, we discuss strategies of mental hygiene that are so important such as getting to know our demons, practicing self love, connecting with your tribe, constructing a future and being true to the life you want to live.



Ep 29: Rising to the challenge

Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 23/6/20 - Today Boudi Maassen (psychotherapist) and I talk to Blue Phillips, former General in the Army, about how he has used adventure training to prepare soldiers for adversity, to build resilience, and extend the stress threshold. These challenging group situations mimic society at large where those who are doing well are required not to show off but to show care for those who need a helping hand. Blue tells a great story about a shy, young Aboriginal lady whose natural leadership skills blossomed in a dangerous white water rafting expedition. Boudi talks about debriefing as a pot of gold and how older men can have enormous relevance through sharing their insights and volunteering.



Ep 30: Belonging

David King, Garry Sims, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 30/6/20 - Along with regular guests Garry Sims (Chief Inspector and RUOK? ambassador) and Boudi Maassen (psychotherapist), today we are joined for the first time by David King, a Gundungurra elder and self-professed weeder and tea drinker. The aim of today's show was to create a sense of unity, have a good yarn and explore what makes us feel like we belong. In light of the recent Black Lives Matter movement and the lack of progress since the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, we contemplate what it would take to see the change we need.


Ep 31: Self forgiveness

Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 18/08/2020 - In this episode of MMHS with just Boudi Maassen and I, Boudi explains the four steps of self forgiveness: responsibility, remorse, restoration and renewal.  Boudi also reads some poems including one by Matt Tonks.


Ep 32: Unity and community

David King, Matt Tonks, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 25/08/20 - For this episode of the Men's Mental Health Show we are honoured to have Gundungurra elder David King joining us again and welcoming us to country. For the first time on the show Matt Tonks brings his keyboard along for his live performance. Together with psychotherapist Boudi Maassen we talk about the importance of connection, belonging, not judging and being antiracist.


Ep 33: DV and becoming better men

Christopher Smith, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 1/09/20 - In this edition of the Men's Mental Health Show Boudi Maassen and I are joined by Christopher Smith, a Community Development Coordinator at Belong Neighbourhood Centre and part of a group called Mountain Men Against Violence.  In addressing the issue of domestic violence, we talk about men reaching out for help to change their behaviour, taking their armour off, dealing with shame, identifying a sense of entitlement, saying sorry, learning from mistakes and ultimately becoming better men.


Ep 34: Suicide prevention and transcendence

Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 8/9/20 - Today psychotherapist Boudi Maassen​ and I talk about what helps prevent suicide when helping someone (even if that someone is yourself): not allowing yourself to be pushed away, making a contractual agreement, allowing time for trauma to subside, providing an opportunity for transcendence to occur, finding a sense of meaning, redefining what success is from accumulating wealth to attaining internal wellbeing or an ability to sit still and comfortably with the inevitable disappointments in life.


Ep 35: the longevity of relationships

Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 15/09/20 - With Blue Phillips recently celebrating his 50th wedding anniversary, on this 35th episode of the MMHS , Boudi Maassen​, Blue and I discuss the longevity of relationships.  Blue credits his approach of family first rather than duty first for their success, and I too see not having the right priorities as contributing to my marriage breakdown.  Boudi talks about the need to develop respective complexity journeys in a relationship as opposed to codependency to avoid a buildup of resentment.  Other topics covered include financial honesty, division of work in the family, pulling your weight and our gender history.

A correction: the extra three poles the local police say they require in order to fly the Aboriginal flag includes a police flag (not a welcome to country flag as I said).


Ep 36: Embracing change

Garry Sims, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

22/09/20 - Together with psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and Chief Inspector Garry Sims we talk about how people deal with change, whether it be to find a voice after a period of being mute, choosing not to follow a family pattern of suicide, reconnecting with family we've been estranged from, or adjusting to rules we never would have imagined pre-pandemic.


Ep 37: Post traumatic growth

Craig Ball, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 29/09/20 -MMHS 29/09/20 - In this special edition of the Men's Mental Health Show, Craig Ball, ADF veteran and men's mentor, joins Boudi Maassen , Matt Tonks and I for a talk on how to grow through trauma and pain. Unlike the term resilience, which most people understand as bouncing back, the term post traumatic growth encapsulates the idea that we are never the same again after such shifting life events but we can be better versions of ourself.
Boudi Maassen (psychotherapist)- 0424 416 969.
Craig's Facebook Group- Men's Mental Health Transformation, also www.changeseminars.com 
Matt's Music - https://birdandtreemen.bandcamp.com/album/the-flight-begins 
Anette Coulter (art therapist) - 0408 822 080



Ep 38: Love and loss

Paul Sims, Nic Danta, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 13/10/20 - For today's show, we have special guest Paul Sims sharing his experiences with depression, loss and grief, Nic Danta providing original music and psychotherapist Boudi Maassen sharing his insights too. Paul is an amazing man whose overarching message is "there's no greater asset in the world than your friends and acquaintances." A great reminder to look out for each other and value the meaningful conversations we can have when we put people first.


Ep 39: Family estrangement

Matt Tonks, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 27/10/20 - Today Boudi Massen, Matt Tonks and I have a deep and meaningful discussion about family estrangement and the techniques we can use to deal with it and hopefully overcome seemingly irreconcilable differences.  I talk about not holding grudges, making amends and persistence in showing your love.  Matt Tonks talks about good listening and embracing imperfection.  Boudi encourages us to be in the moment because it allows you to disengage from your wounded self.  So much wisdom in today's show.



Ep 40: Lads and leadership

Craig Ball, Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 3/11/20 - Today psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and I are joined by Craig Ball and Blue Phillips, both retired veterans with experience in leadership and a passion for helping men build resilience.  

Craig Ball - Men's Mental Health Transformation Facebook Group

Support after suicide - www.standbysupport.com.au


Ep 42: Lived experience ladies show

Penny Holbrook, Eleni Psillakis, Bronnie Spitz, Boudi Maassen

MMHS 18/11/20 - On today's special ladies edition of the Men's Mental Health Show we have the incredible Bronnie Spitz hosting, psychotherapist Boudi Maassen's valuable input as always and two inspirational women - Penny Holbrook and Eleni Psillakis - sharing their lived experience of mental illness and how they now contribute to the community.  Penny's story provides insight into the kinds of events that can trigger suicidal ideation including sexual harassment and suicide in the family, as well as how the support of family and private clinics have helped her to regain her zest for life.  Eleni talks about the problem of not getting help sooner and the progress she made with a forensic psychologist.  Both women are happy to see a growing commitment to better mental health care.


Ep 43: Mental hygiene

Garry Sims, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 24/11/20 - Garry Sims, RUOK ambassador, talks with Boudi Maassen, psychotherapist, and myself about mental hygiene, things we can do to look after our wellbeing such as good sleep, restricting screen time, being grateful, being kind, being in the moment, achievement activities and positive engagement in the community. Also, looking after each other, we can appreciate our uniqueness, remember anniversaries that may trigger people's emotions, know people and their normal so we can recognise when they are struggling and knowing people's consolations or protective factors. In Garry's words "people aren't a burden, we can carry them through hard times", a particularly important consideration during post 2020 recovery.


Ep 44: A stigma-less world

Nic Newling, Matt Tonks, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 1/12/20 - In today's show with experienced mental health advocate Nic Newling, psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and musician Matt Tonks, we discuss listening without judgement and recreating the therapeutic atmosphere of a psych ward in the wider community so that we can do away with stigma.  In particularly, having respect for each other's struggles without it needing to take a suicide to make people take caring seriously.
Nic Newling, mental health advocate and guest speaker - www.thechampions.org


Ep 45: Courtship and union

Chris Zumwalt, Rachael Brady, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 8/12/20 - In this episode, Chris Zumwalt and his wife Rachael Brady tell the amazing story of their meeting and journey together, with insights from psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and beautiful music by Rachael Brady.
Chris Zumwalt - cz@zumwalty.com, mentoring and coaching
Rachael Brady - check out on iTunes
Boudi Maassen - 0424 416 969, psychotherapist


Ep 46: Grounded in the present

Garry Sims, Nic Danta, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 9/02/21 - In this first episode for 2021, I am joined by Boudi Maassen, psychotherapist, Garry Sims, R U OK ambassador and community policeman, and Nic Danta, singer, songwriter and school principal. We discuss how we make it through personal struggles, this age of uncertainty or complex problems of our time - anchoring, controlling the things we can control and most importantly being responsive to the signs of struggle in others and making our community a place of refuge.
Suicide call back service - 1300 659 467.


Ep 47: maturing and elder-ing

Sam Sly, Blue Phillips, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

  MMHS 2/3/21 - A great show today with music by Sam Sly, team member Blue Phillips, psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and myself.  We discuss everything from emotional health, group stages (forming, storming, performing and mourning), maintaining fitness especially as we age, being prepared for the what ifs in life, working as a team in relationships and finding a source of consolation.


Ep 48 - wise being - being wise

Geoffrey Stodart, Boudi Maassen, Bradley Spillane

MMHS 9/3/21 -  A great show today guys with special guest Geoffrey Stodart, psychotherapist Boudi Maassen and myself.  We discuss wisdom journeys, resourcing and challenging yourself, relating in an authentic way, father and son camps, and the men's table.
Habitus father and son camp - March 27-28 in Kiama - contact@habitus.org
The Men's Table - www.themenstable.org
Boudi Maassen - 0424416969


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